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Your HACCP or food safety plan is the core of your food safety and quality management system. To establish and maintain an effective HACCP plan, it needs to be managed by a team with suitable training, relevant skills and experience.


FSQ Ltd can assist by providing the skills and experience to support and guide your HACCP team through the risk assessment process, or train your HACCP team members, CCP monitors and site staff.


  • HACCPs for new sites, production lines, processes and products

  • Independent HACCP verification audits

  • Process flow diagram verification

  • Review of effectiveness of all verification and monitoring activities

    • Online monitoring

    • Daily verification

    • Management verification

  • Critical Limit reviews

  • Corrective action effectiveness

  • Internal staff training and competency assessments:

    • Awareness

    • CCP Monitoring

    • HACCP Team, including HACCP refresher


Food Safety
Quality Management

With the multitude of ever-changing standards and regulations that food businesses must meet, Food Safety and Quality Management Systems (FSQMS) can become complicated, time-consuming to manage and a perceived hindrance to operations and supply chain flexibility. 


An independent evaluation of your FSQMS can reinvigorate, simplify and streamline your operational and supply chain quality processes.


A simplified QMS provides a framework to support your entire supply chain to consistently manufacture safe product of the required quality, at optimum cost, whilst ensuring due diligence is maintained, regulatory and customer standards are met, and food safety and compliance risks are effectively monitored and managed.


  • Creation of FSQMS for new sites

  • Review of current systems against 2nd and 3rd Party standards

  • Simplification of complex food safety and quality management systems

  • Design and management of effective verification programs

  • Risk assessments

  • Internal audits

  • Management review preparation and support

  • Product testing program design

  • Sanitation program review and troubleshooting

  • Mock recalls

  • Crisis management and traceability system challenges

  • Complaint and non-conformance investigation

  • Root cause analysis

food saftey quality management systems
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