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NCP, RCA and Complaints

A culture of right first time reduces non-conforming product and waste, improves the quality and safety of your products, lowers complaints and minimises supply chain disruption.

Investment Chart

Non-Conforming Product & Rework

Non-conforming product (NCP) can occur at any point in your process and add cost to your process through rework costs or waste. FSQ Ltd. will independently investigate your processes to:


  • Identify of where, when, how and why NCP is being generated.

  • Identify of root causes of non-conforming product and rework generation.

  • Advise appropriate corrective actions to stop non-conforming product being produced and reduce the cost of waste and rework.

Non conforming product

Root Cause Analysis

The identification of root causes of non-conformities is recognised as a vital tool to prevent recurrence of issues and reduce waste and risk. The new BRC Global Standard for Food Safety Issue 8 for the first time requires sites to have a procedure for the completion of root cause analysis (3.7.3).


FSQ Ltd. can assist in the development of a procedure for root cause analysis and:


  • Set trigger points for when root cause analysis should be used

  • Identify the most appropriate root cause analysis tool

  • Train staff in root cause analysis techniques

  • Develop a system for recording, verification and effectiveness of actions

Root cause
Complaint Manage

Complaint Management

All businesses receive complaints, even with the most comprehensive Food Safety & Quality Management System and Quality Assurance checks. FSQ Ltd. can use your complaints to benefit your business in 2 ways:


  • Analysis of your complaint data to identify the root causes of complaints, understand why defects are not picked up by your QA systems, and identify appropriate corrective actions to improve processes and prevent repeat complaints.


  • Complaint responses are often formulaic, technical and dry. A helpful and open response can be used to generate company and brand loyalty. FSQ Ltd. can refresh your complaint responses so that your customers see their interaction with your company as a positive experience.

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