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Product Recall & Crisis Management

Consultancy Services

Any incident or event may result in the production of unsafe, illegal or non-conforming product and risks to consumer safety.

An emergency situation may also occur as a result of a sudden, unforeseen crisis that requires immediate action. An effective emergency plan must be in place so that if, at any stage, an incident occurs that impacts food safety, legality or quality, it will be managed effectively.

FSQ Ltd. can review your Incident and Recall Plan to ensure that it meets industry best practice, and conduct bespoke product incident, withdrawal and recall, business continuity or health and safety scenario-based simulations to test your incident management systems and teams beyond traceability tests or mock recalls.

We can provide confidential support in a potential recall situation, providing calm and judicious assistance through the decision making process, and ensuring that once a decision is taken, communication and actions are effective and thorough.

  • Management assistance in the event of a product safety incident or recall situation

    • Support and advice for risk assessment and sounding board for decision making

    • Preparation of recall notices, customer statements, customer and consumer Q and As

  • Review of product recall procedure against:

    • Customer standards

    • BRCGS standards

    • PAS 7100

    • FSA Guidance on Food Traceability, Withdrawals and Recalls

  • Testing of traceability and mass balance systems

  • Scheduled and unannounced mock recalls

    • Identification of areas for improvement

    • Support recall team roles and decision making before, during and after a recall situation

  • Training of site recall teams and testing of procedures with recall simulations

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