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Training & Competency Assessments

Ensuring your staff are fully trained, competant, and confidant to undertake their roles in food safety, legality and quality.

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Training & Competency Assessments

All staff, including temporary staff, agency-supplied staff  and contractors, require training to a level commensurate with their responsibility and the type of work they carry out.

FSQ Ltd. can provide the following on-site training for your management team, technical and quality team, HACCP team, CCP monitors and operational staff:

Senior Management

  • Food Safety & Quality Culture

  • HACCP for Management

  • TACCP / Food Defence

  • Incidents, Withdrawals & Recalls

  • BRCGS Management Introduction


  • HACCP Team Training

  • VACCP / Food Fraud

  • TACCP / Food Defence

  • Hygiene & Fabrication (GMP) Inspections

  • Foreign Matter Management

  • Allergen Management

  • Internal Auditing

  • Risk Assessment

  • Validation & Verification

  • Root Cause Analysis

  • Environmental Monitoring

  • Swabbing Techniques


  • Food Safety Induction / Refresher

  • HACCP Awareness

  • QMS Basics

  • Good Manufacturing Practices

  • Effective Pre-operational Inspections

  • CCP Monitoring

  • Allergen Awareness

  • Basic HACCP

  • Pest Awareness

Bespoke competency assessments are developed where required.


Technical and Quality Team Coaching & Mentoring

Coaching and mentoring can improve staff retention, support succession planning and provide future leaders within your business.


Guidance can be provided for individuals to develop their career and become more effective by providing advice, direction and motivation. Mentoring can be especially helpful to support newly promoted technical team members or provide assistance at key times such as major capital projects.


Coaching and mentoring for teams can improve efficiency by developing skills for all technical and quality roles and clarifying expectations and authorities.


This enables day to day decision making to sit at the right tier in the technical and quality team, releasing senior resource from the day to day reactive to the proactive supporting continual improvement, technical governance and leading the technical strategic agenda.

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